Pasha is a former political analyst and intelligence specialist for a fading world power. He dabbles in counterinsurgency and Middle East history and affairs.

You may find him in Europe, the US, Mexico, the Middle East or right behind you.

An early adherent to Marx and Trotsky, Pasha is also violently opposed to the legacy of Stalin and the perversions of the socialist state. All fascism is abhorrent!

Pasha is a newcomer to the political and metapolitical ideas of Badiou and Zizek as well as the intellectual thought processes of Deleuze and Guattari.

The economic insights of Galbraith, Marx and the expansion of our view of ourselves and the world through Darwin and Freud provide interesting fodder for thought.

Life, politics and economics should be based on understanding, acceptance, experience, respect and honor to your fellow humans and the earth.


4 Responses to About ANTIPOV

  1. susan chapler says:

    1st visit to your blog. Very nice. Keep blogging.

    @DocSuz on twitter

  2. thelastsocialist says:


    Thank you for your heartfelt reply. With the exception of the natives, we are all immigrants to the US. Certainly I appreciate and value your citizenship, your opinions and your right to opinions.

    WWII? Yes America did a lot to stop the spread of Nazi-ism. The Soviet Union bore a tremendously greater share of that war than the West did, even in view of the tremendous sacrifices of the Western nations. It was truly a “world” war.

    I dont see my role in all this as the “answer” man. Although I do present some ideas at solution. I prefer more to provoke thought.

    Actually my next post though HAS some ideas for some positive change. We’ll see how that goes.

    Thank you for the time you spent making your points. I agree that we all have a role in improving the country.

    Thanks for your thoughts



  3. Rose Adwell says:

    While you rant against the abusiveness of America in today’s society, you also acknowledge those that came to this country legally with nothing but the clothes on their back and bettered themselves and made this a better country. I did not see anything in your blogs about those that kept this country and many other countries free from Hitler. I guess you don’t want to think that you may not have had the voice or would be speaking German if not for the help of the USA during WWII. Yes I want to be left alone by the gov’t to live my life the way I want but how do we do this? You say we shouldn’t try to save the world but at the same time you want an open southern border. I am a legal immigrant. Do you want me here or not? I don’t tote a bible, but I don’t begrudge those that do. What a woman chooses to do with her body is her business. When one person kills another person do we look aside because it is none of our business? No! Every gov’t has a responsibility to protect its’ citzenry or we fall into lawlessness & anarchy. You present everything that is wrong with America, but propose no solutions. If you dislike this country, find another country whose laws you can live with. I may disagree often and vocally with what America does to foist bad laws upon its’ citizenry, but I and you can at least have a voice here in America, something that is often lacking in other countries or subverted by their own government. I want everyone to have a voice in America, not just the elites. I want to hear solutions for the betterment of our country, not just ranting and ravings.

  4. We have by chance the exact same philosophies..imagine that…You are awesome & I’d love to recv updates via email as you post.


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