Climate Change – Face Reality

In the 60’s and 70’s the message was – “we aren’t taking care of the planet”. An extension of that was that we weren’t taking care of ourselves.

As we began to notice weather and climate trends that seemed to be outside the norms of our recent history. This started the debate as to whether ‘Global Warming’ was affecting our planet. Global warming was a debate because there was evidence for global warming, but we really don’t have enough knowledge of the planet to know what the long term trends were. Also, there were marked changes in the climate and weather as recently as the 13th Century.

The most recent debate became WHY the climate was changing. We looked at carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and carbon emissions and footprints in general. Our modern oracles are crying and weeping to get us to change our ways and stop the climate change.

There could be a big problem in there.

In the efforts to prove the causes of climate change and to curb the sources of those causes, we are ignoring the stark realities. The doomsayers warn of flooding and drought and desertification and loss of habitat for man and beast. They do this to get us to comply with their agendas – both good and bad. Certainly we need to clean up our acts just because it is good for us and the planet.

But, what we are missing out on, if we truly believe in these omens, is the solution. Not the solution to turning back the climate, but the solution to dealing with impending changes that are occurring. All around us people are explaining the warning signs or the results of climate change. But beyond the identification and explanation no one talks about how we will adapt and cope with those changes. No one seems to be taking it seriously enough to start talking about how we will live in this changing world – what to expect and how to solve the problems that may arise.

I would like to call for a new tack through the rough winds of global warming/climate change. Stop telling us what may/will happen and let’s start talking about how we can and must adapt WHEN the climate changes – which it is already doing. The climate has changed before and people have adapted. It is time we stop denying that it WILL happen and time to prepare so that we don’t end up facing extremism because we haven’t thought out the solutions, or even the questions.



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