the BCS is still broken

The Running Utes of Utah beat the Tide last night at the Sugar Bowl, walking away as the only undefeated team in Division I. Proving yet again that the BCS system is more broken even than the old polling system. At least with the polling system there were a lot of people weighing in with a lot of different considerations, and occasionally, there could be some close 1st & 2nd place match ups. Well, it will be a long time before a non BCS team gets into the championship, but nevertheless, Utah proved yet again there are no easy answers to who is the champion in college football.


One Response to the BCS is still broken

  1. Art Abshire says:

    Nice comments on the BCS. As a point of clarification (since many don’t even know what a “Ute” Indian is) the University of Utah’s football team are called the “Utes,” NOT the Running Utes. Only the U of U Men’s Basketball team is allowed to use the title “Running Utes.” The Women’s Basketball team are the “Lady Utes.” All other Utah sports teams share the same name: “Utes.”

    This shouldn’t prove as complicated as the Alabama using an ocean algae bloom as it’s team name and having an Elephant as the mascot while lofting toilet paper mounted on detergent boxes as their school fight emblems.

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