still not safe to be a muslim?

9 Muslim passengers were “kicked off” an AirTran Airways flight from Washington DC, supposedly for saying things we hear everyday on planes… stuff like “wow the engines are right outside my window” and “what is the safest place to be on a plane”. Now of course these were everyday remarks, but the people who said them appeared to be Muslims of middle east descent. So what to do besides kick them off the flight and make them take another airline, Yes AIRLINE, not just another flight, to their destinations? It doesn’t matter of course that they were Americans born in Detroit. The only thing I can say is we must eventually get away from this paranoia and fear that have engulfed us since Bush Jr came to office and move on to where we aren’t judging people by what they look like or what they wear. If targeting people on airplanes is our first line of defense, then all is lost anyway.


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